Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm a Pirate , Take me to Stranger Tides!!

Hoollllaaaaaaaaaaa everybodyyy! 

You guys wanna know what is the 'advantages' GREAT
being a pirate?

Here i'm goin to give u 3 reasons . Ahaoooyy !

1) You know you can get freedoooommmmm ! All of the oceanns are yours! i mean MINE! :p i can have my own BIG ship and sail with all my crew through the world . I can stop everyone and if i see any small ship i  can make them as my crew. Keh keh keh . am i a cruel pirate? Hell yeah pirate have to be cruel rite? :P

2) Gold, Money ! i'm goin to get a lot of gold and i'm goin to invest it for my future . Teheee (is it relevent?) :P
I'm goin to find treasure with my crew and nothing can stop us !! Gold oohhh my gold! =p

3) And lastly is i can get a lot a lot of adventure! I can travel anywhere with my ship , i can see many new creatures like davy jones , and also  ghost ship (i dunno wat should i mention it) , The Flying Dutchman! Oh man this is gonna be a great adventure bebeh! A normal person can't have all this , only pirate okeh? Ahoyyy!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

That's all i think .
This is my first time i join 
n i guess ,
if i get maybe i'm the lucky one !

Anyway, i'm the big fan of
Pirate of Caribbean

I hope i will be choosen!


1 comment:

sherah said...

i ta pena layan citer ni ke ey huhu goodluck!!!!

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