Monday, February 13, 2012

Nikon VS Canon

Assalamualaikum ,

I am soooo stuck to choose between Nikon d3100 and Canon 1100d.. These two r for beginners as i read laaa if i'm not mistaken.
I just dunno which one hv more function and better. I have googles some information bout those, but wat i got is many -ve point of view as these 2 dun have many function and might regret if u want to upgrade ur camera. I am just sooo buntu rite now.

But anyway, i think i just use the camera for simple picture , not to be pro. Just to take family picture , landscape & simple pic.

Damn i am so confused.

Myb i just dun buy the camera?
Puas hati hilang buntu kan?

Oh yea ,
Besides y those 2 is in my list is because of the budget. My budget is below rm2k. Teheeee.
Oh well , i can't afford the expensive one. -.-'

Pls , anyone? Who might have any knowledge or experience about dslr . Which is suitable for beginner like me?

Pleaseeeeeeeeee . HEHE
Jasa baik kalian dikenang. HEHE

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blogger for ipad

There still no app for ipad is it? I cannot post picture if i wrote from my ipad.. Anyone know any application for ipad for blogger? pleaseeeeeeee?

From ,
Need Help.

Teheeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

New Resolution 2012

Assalamualaikum ,

Its been a while , again...... :D
I know its a bit late for my new resolution for 2012 but , like , hey lantak lah kan? HAHA

This year i hope and Inyaallah i want to :

1) Improve myself to be better muslimah , daughter and student .
2) Have more positive thinking towards everything , negative please go away i dun need you .
3) More skillful in cooking :D
4) Lost weight , 4kg -.-""
5) Discipline in exercise , i hope .
6) Get at least 3.0 above every sem .
7) Hope my relationship last forever , aminn .
8) Save money and simpan tabung. HAHA . Yeah, really should start now. -.-'
9) Buy polaroid camera. HEEE
10)Nikon dslr or Canon. Either one. But maybe Canon.

I always make a 'doa' supaya bersihkan hati , hilangkan if there is any hasad dengki towards people. I hope all negatve , any kekotoran in my heart can be reduce time by time as i'm just a normal person as others. Insyaallah :)
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