Monday, February 13, 2012

Nikon VS Canon

Assalamualaikum ,

I am soooo stuck to choose between Nikon d3100 and Canon 1100d.. These two r for beginners as i read laaa if i'm not mistaken.
I just dunno which one hv more function and better. I have googles some information bout those, but wat i got is many -ve point of view as these 2 dun have many function and might regret if u want to upgrade ur camera. I am just sooo buntu rite now.

But anyway, i think i just use the camera for simple picture , not to be pro. Just to take family picture , landscape & simple pic.

Damn i am so confused.

Myb i just dun buy the camera?
Puas hati hilang buntu kan?

Oh yea ,
Besides y those 2 is in my list is because of the budget. My budget is below rm2k. Teheeee.
Oh well , i can't afford the expensive one. -.-'

Pls , anyone? Who might have any knowledge or experience about dslr . Which is suitable for beginner like me?

Pleaseeeeeeeeee . HEHE
Jasa baik kalian dikenang. HEHE


Umar said...

tak pandai jugak pasal camera ni.. tapi i will go for Canon! Sebab? sebab biasa dengan function canon, lebih mudah dan cepat belajar

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

my advice would be, beli smua bnda yang ada kat dunia nie!! hoyeahhh!! hahahahahaa.. just kidding..

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

me too would like to have it one for myself hehe. ;)

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